• wheelsdriving  Hi Ian I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help (and patience of course). In comparison to other driving instructors that I have encountered, you have by far been the most helpful and knowledgeable instructor. The lessons that I had really exceeded all my expectations in helping me build my confidence on the road. Thanks for helping me pass first go!  wheelsdriving


  • wheelsdriving  I JUST PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! After being disqualified for driving after 20 years on the road , I became eligible to apply for a new licence, so I took the driving test and failed miserably. I realised that despite the fact that I thought I could drive, I needed some lessons in order to pass the test and so I did a Google search and found 'Wheels Driving Academy". Ian the owner is very experienced, punctual, polite,friendly, flexible and professional. Ian managed to iron out my 20 years of bad habits in five lessons and I passed this morning. I wish Ian every success in the future and I cannot recommend his driving school more highly.  wheelsdriving

    Matt Reed

  • wheelsdriving  As an ex South African with 10 years driving experience, having to convert my licence seemed like a very daunting experience! That's when I found Ian from Wheels Driving Academy. Thank you for your assistance and patience. I am very pleased and proud to say that I passed first time!  wheelsdriving


  • wheelsdriving  I just drove all by myself!!!! Only for a little while but I did it!!!! First time ever on my own. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"
    I used to be absolutely terrified to drive, a practice session would see me sweating, stressing and often it would end in tears. Since taking lessons with Ian that has all changed. He pushes me enough that I continue to learn but also ensures that I feel safe and supported. Whilst I am still developing my confidence, I have managed to drive on my own-something I never thought I could do!  wheelsdriving


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