Overview :

  • Automatic and manual lessons
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off from school, home, workplace, etc

Learner Drivers :

  • Wheels will teach you all you need to know to pass your test
  • Learn how to handle your vehicle correctly, in order to drive safely
  • Gain valuable experience on the road
  • Build your confidence behind the wheel to become a responsible road user
  • Supportive instruction

Licence Conversions :

  • Wheels will give you tips on NSW road rules
  • Practical experience to help convert your overseas licence to a NSW one
  • Learn how to drive a manual if you have an automatic licence

Reassessments :

  • Wheels will help you update your driving skills to suit modern traffic conditions
  • Tips on how to stay safe on the road and pass your reassessment
  • Ian is qualified to assess older drivers and does so with compassion, patience and understanding

Corporate :

  • Wheels can assess or train drivers who use company cars
  • Ensure your drivers are responsible and safe
  • Ensure employees represent your company well while driving on the road

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