• 01. How does the Log Book work?

    Learner drivers need to log 120 hours of supervised driving before being allowed to take the driver’s test. At least 20 hours must be night time driving hours. One hour with a licensed driving instructor like Ian is equivalent to three Log Book hours (this is capped at 10 hours, therefore goes down as 30 hours in your Log Book).

  • 02. Manual or automatic?

    Ian is an expert in teaching both manual and automatic, and offers both options to his students. Which one to choose is a matter of personal preference. It is quicker to learn on an automatic as one does not have to worry about gear changes or a clutch. However, if you have an automatic licence, there is a probationary period before you can drive a manual car and you will still need to learn these new skills. Someone with a manual licence can drive either a manual or an automatic car with no conversions necessary.

  • 03. What areas do you cover?

    Wheels Driving Academy services Sydney’s city, eastern, inner-west, lower north shore and southern suburbs.

  • 04. What do you mean by defensive driving?

    Wheels recognises that it is not just good driving skills that make you safe on the road, but also an awareness of what is happening around the car, Ian teaches his students how to anticipate potential hazards and how to react to these so that optimum safety is achieved.

  • 05. Cancellation policy

    If for any reason you cannot make a scheduled lesson, Ian will be happy to reschedule for another time. However, please allow for reasonable warning so we can allocate that time slot to another student. Cancellations more than 24 hours in advance will not incur a cancellation fee.

  • 06. Can you teach me to drive in my own car?

    Yes, you can be taught in your own car. However, it is best to start in one of the driving academy’s vehicles, which have dual controls. Once Ian is confident you have safe control of the vehicle, then you can start taking lessons in your own car.

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